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Automatic Water Level Recorder | Mertani

Water Level

Mitigate flood and drought risks with our accurate and real-time water level monitoring solutions. We offer various solutions for monitoring water levels, including groundwater, river, and sea levels.
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Water Level Monitoring

We provide a range of solutions for monitoring water levels, including groundwater levels, river levels, and sea levels.


Get real-time updates on your plantation's condition continuously using the Peatland Quality Monitoring System related to groundwater levels, peat soil moisture, and rainfall levels.

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We provide high-quality water level monitoring devices tailored to the needs of the Water Conservation Agency (BKAT), with proven quality and compliance with applicable standards.

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Obtain real-time and accurate water level information with the support of reliable IoT technology, ensuring 24/7 zero downtime measurements.



The Sea Level Monitoring System (SLMS) using radar sensors can help you accurately and comprehensively track sea level changes with ease.


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