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Automatic Water Level Recorder | Mertani

Tinggi Muka Air Laut (TMAL)

The Sea Level Monitoring System (SLMS) using radar sensors allows you to accurately and easily track sea level changes in detail.
Plug & Play
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Waterproof Enclosure
Waterproof Enclosure


  • Governments often establish security regulations that set monitoring standards in the maritime and coastal sectors. Sea Level Monitoring Systems (SLMS) are crucial for ensuring safety. Accurate information helps governments, researchers, and coastal managers make informed decisions regarding security conditions, such as flood prevention, sea level monitoring, and tsunami risk management.

  • By integrating advanced technology and in-depth data analysis, SLMS provides a clearer and more accurate picture of marine environmental conditions. This is beneficial not only for security and safety but also for scientific research aimed at understanding ocean dynamics and their impact on ecosystems.


Programs TMAL

Sea Level Monitoring Systems (SLMS) using radar sensors are automated systems that monitor and measure sea level in real-time. Their function is to provide accurate and timely information about changes in sea surface levels. These systems utilize radio wave technology to detect the distance between the sensor and the water surface.
Legal Basis
  • Law Number 24 of 2007 on Disaster Management. see details
  • Presidential Regulation Number 93 of 2019 on the Strengthening and Development of Earthquake and Tsunami Information Systems. see details​

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

  • Mertani data logger
  • Power unit 
  • Data Communication (2G, 4G, LTE)
  • Panel box
  • Wiring system
*RTU installation can be adjusted to field conditions

TMAL Sensor

  • Deviation ≤ 2 mm
  • Accuracy ± 2 mm
  • Measuring range up to 30 m (98.43 ft)
  • Output  420 mA/HART, Modbus, SDI-12
  • Materials, wetted parts PVDF
  • Beam angle 4°

  • Process pressure -1…+3 bar (-100…+300 kPa/- 14.5… +43.51 psig)

  • Threaded connection G1, 1 NPT, R1

  • Bluetooth range Typically 25 m (82 ft)

Download Details
Dashboard Mertani.png

Software System

  • Sending data directly to the server according to Sparing program regulations
  • PC dashboard and Android application are available, as well as open API options for Sparing user companies
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