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Climate Action

How do we make peace with nature, reduce the negative effects of climate change, and prevent permanent damage to the environment.

Climate Action | Mertani
Collaborating with the government, industry, educational institutions, and society, we play a role in the advancement of our times while maintaining a balance between technological progress and environmental sustainability.




About Mertani

We are innovators who help you to increase productivity, operational efficiency, and maintain environmental sustainability through the development of digital technology in Indonesia. Collaborating with government and industry, we take part in current developments while maintaining a balance between technological progress and environmental sustainability

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Yustafat Fawzi

"Allow us to support your efforts with domestic digital technology and better data."

Yustafat Fawzi


Kilas Balik Mertani

Short History Mertani


Short History of Mertani

The seed of Mertani's existence began with the idealism of its founders while they were still pursuing their education at one of the campuses in Yogyakarta. The founders' passion for technology that supports the plantation industry gave birth to innovation through various activities, including student competitions, technology communities, research, and more.

PT Merapi Tani Instrumen or Mertani was officially established in 2016 in Yogyakarta. The Mertani team realized that the need for digitizing data in the plantation industry was becoming increasingly important with the passage of time. The use of manual tools made the process of collecting field information time-consuming, often hindering operational decision-making. Furthermore, foreign solutions tended to be expensive and challenging in terms of service due to geographical factors.

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Therefore, we are committed to providing domestic digital technology solutions as a contribution and work of the nation's children. In the process, we are aware that we cannot stand alone, and collaboration is the solution. Thus, we are open to collaborating with the government, private companies, plantations, research institutions, and various other parties to realize this dream.

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Start from Plantations

We would be delighted to share our experiences, especially with those of you who are already aware of the importance of making decisions based on more comprehensive and accurate data.

Based in Yogyakarta since 2017, we have been focused on assisting agricultural companies in creating precision farming through data-driven decisions. This is how we provide IoT sensor integration, cloud data storage, and our software, enabling plantation managers to monitor and analyze agricultural data in real-time through their laptops and mobile phones from anywhere

PT Merapi Tani Instrumen
Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

+62 851-7337-3817 (whatsapp)
(0274) 2888 087 (office)

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