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We offer the opportunity for 10 selected companies and industries to experience the benefits of using our products directly. We are opening up collaboration opportunities for the following products :

Automatic Water Level Recorder - Mertani

Automatic Water Level Recorder - Mertani

Automatic Weather Station - Mertani

Automatic Weather Station - Mertani

Pemasangan Alat Water Level

Pemasangan Alat Water Level

Proteus Sensor - Mertani

Proteus Sensor - Mertani

Automatic Weather Station - Mertani

Automatic Weather Station - Mertani

Automatic Weather Station - Mertani

Automatic Weather Station - Mertani

Automatic Water Level Recorder

Automatic Water Level Recorder

Automatic Water Level Recorder - Mertani

Automatic Water Level Recorder - Mertani

Automatic Weather Station - Mertani

Automatic Weather Station - Mertani

Automatic Water Level - Mertani

Automatic Water Level - Mertani

Nature is Around You,
and in You

No matter how advanced our industries become, we remain an inseparable part of nature.

Through innovation and technological development, we are creating digital solutions that not only help industries achieve operational efficiency but also reduce negative impacts on the environment. From efforts to reduce carbon emissions to mitigating the risks of hazardous industrial waste and preserving the ecosystems around us for a sustainable future.

Our vision is to create a future where industry and the environment coexist harmoniously. We aspire to be pioneers in changing the industrial paradigm, where economic growth is no longer in conflict with environmental preservation.


Sharing about Environmental Issues


Collaborate with Goverment, Industry, and Society


Development of Digital-based Technology


Implementation of Solutions in the Real World

Mertani's Presence at the Indonesia Sustainable Energy Week (ISEW) 2023 in Jakarta

A short video showcasing the excitement of Team Mertani during their participation in the Indonesia Sustainable Energy Week 2023 held at the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski in Jakarta.

Short Documentary | Trash: A Global Challenge - Local Action

A documentary film about the trash issue in Yogyakarta, where this problem has garnered international attention.

Short Documentary - Selaras: Instalasi Automatic Weather Station di Politeknik LPP Yogyakarta

Proses pemasangan Automatic Weather Station di Politeknik LPP Yogyakarta.


Our Partners in Increasing Productivity and Realizing Environmental Preservation

Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_KPN
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_Telkomsel
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_PTPN
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_Gunung Madu Plantation
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_Jhonlin
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_PUPR
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_Teladan Prima
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_Sawit Sumbermas
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_Olam
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_Chellam
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_Bio Inti Agrindo
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_April
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_Bumitama Agri
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_Sta Resources
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_ITMG
Mitra Mertani IoT_BBWS Pemali Juana
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_Java Agritech
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_pupr
Mertani_Solusi IoT Perkebunan Indonesia_Wilmar
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Recognized as a Certified Local Tech-Producer

Sertifikat TKDN - Mertani
P3DN - Mertani
Utamakan Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja - Mertani
Mertani Sertifikasi ISO 30141
Mertani Sertifikasi ISO 9001
Mertani E-Catalogue
Mertani - SiKaP
Mertani SIPLah Blibli
Mertani - SiRUP
Mertani LKPP

Implemented Technology

Ground Water Level (TMAT) & Canal Water Level (TMAS)

Get groundwater level and canal water level reports conveniently through smartphones and PCs while complying with government regulations.

Mertani AWLR plus CCTV

Water Level

Manual Ombrometer Substitute

Discover the current and future water availability through automatic rainfall monitoring!

Automatic Rainfall Recorder_Mertani Solusi Digital Perkebunan


Automatic Weather Station - Soil Monitoring

Predict what phenomena will occur in the future and make early preparations and more accurate planning.

Automatic Weather Station (AWS) STA_Mertani


Water Quality Monitoring System

Get information about the water quality you need, both in the industry and along the river's course.

Water Quality Monitoring System (WQMS) Mertani

Water Quality

Air Quality Monitoring System

Build a safe and comfortable urban environment for the community while considering air quality aspects.

Air Quality Monitoring System (AQMS) Mertani

Air Quality

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