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Automatic Rainfall Recorder (ARR) Mertani buatan Indonesia

Automatic Rainfall Recorder (ARR)

Get real-time rainfall reports from your farm from anywhere and anytime, and enhance water management to ensure an adequate water supply for your crops throughout the year

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Waterproof Enclosure
Waterproof Enclosure
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Discover ARR Mertani!

Mertani Automatic Rainfall Recorder (ARR) in Plantations

Mertani Automatic Rainfall Recorder (ARR) will assist you in measuring rainfall from anywhere and anytime. ARR will help you obtain more accurate rainfall data, improve farm water management, and enhance fertilizer absorption efficiency.


  • Indonesia, with its diverse regions characterized by high rainfall, faces limitations in the number of rain gauge stations. As a result, rainfall data becomes uneven and difficult to predict. This situation highlights the importance of enhancing infrastructure for more accurate weather measurements.

  • The use of ARR devices is supported by various government regulations and policies related to environmental management and disaster mitigation. This is reflected in various laws and government regulations governing the use of technology for environmental measurement and monitoring, including rainfall.

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About Automatic Rainfall Recorder


The Automatic Rainfall Recorder (ARR) is a device that assists you in measuring rainfall easily and accurately, regardless of location and time. Its benefits include enabling users to monitor rainfall patterns more efficiently, aiding in irrigation planning, flood risk mitigation, and better water resource management.

Legal Basis
  • Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 31 of 2009 concerning Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics. see detail.

  • Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 46 of 2012 concerning the Implementation of Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Observation and Data Management (ARR). see detail.


Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)


  • Mertani data logger

  • Power unit

  • Komunikasi data (2G, 4G, LTE)

  • Panel box

  • Wiring system

*The installation of RTU can be adjusted to field conditions.



  • Curah hujan

Choose Rainfall Sensor Type that suits your industry's needs!

Rainfall Sensor Type

Stainless Rainfall Sensor

Pronamic Sensor - Mertani


  • Material ceramic blade design

  • Collecting area 200cm2 (φ159.60±0.6mm), Resolution 0.2mm

  • Measuring range Rain intensity: 0~4mm/min; rainfall: >0.2mm

  • Maximum tolerance ±0.4mm(≤10mm); ±4%(>10mm)

  • Operating temperature 0~60°C

  • Output mode RS485, power supply: 0.5W, 5~24VDC

  • Contact power Max: 0.5W, Max: 24VDC, Pulse width ≥30ms

  • Housing aluminum alloy, Dimensions Rain sensor: 185x185x320mm; bracket diameter: φ50mm

Rainfall Sensor Type

Single Spoon Rainfall Sensor

Single Spoon Rainfall Sensor


  • Bucket made in POM, which is a more dismissive material and therefore makes dust and dirt not stick so easily

  • The rain gauge made in molded thermoplastic, also known as ASA, which has high outdoor weather ability

  • Collecting area 200cm2 (φ159.60±0.6mm),

  • Resolution 0,2mm

  • Measuring range Rain intensity: 0~6mm/min;

  • Output mode RS485

  • Accessories: Standard pole bracket item, 2 m binder cable mounted on the sensor, bird spikes, leaf grid

Rainfall Sensor Type

ABS Rainfall Sensor



  • Material ABS UV Stabilished plastic bucket

  • Collecting Φ200+0.6mm,

  • Resolution 0,2mm

  • Measuring range Rain intensity: 0~4mm/min;

  • Maximum tolerance ±0.4mm(≤10mm);Accuracy ≤±4%

  • Operating temperature -10°C~50°C

  • Output mode RS485,

  • Include bull eye/ waterpass

  • Dimensions Rain sensor: 310x310x460(mm)

Rainfall Sensor Type

Tipping Bucket and Observatorium

Tipping Bucket and Observatorium


  • Material ceramic blade design,

  • Collecting area 200cm2 (φ159.60±0.6mm), Resolution 0.1mm

  • Measuring range Rain intensity: 0~4mm/min; rainfall: >0.1mm,

  • Maximum tolerance ±0.4mm(≤10mm); ±4%(>10mm)

  • Output mode RS485, power supply: 0.5W, 5~24VDC

  • Housing aluminum alloy, Dimensions Rain sensor: 185x185x320mm; bracket diameter: φ50mm

  • The observatorium is made of stainless steel plate, 60cm height, the diameter of the funnel is 11.3cm

  • The volume of the rain measuring glass is 25mm

Study Case

Study Case

Implementation of Automatic Rainfall Recorder (ARR) at Oil Palm Plantation Sites in East Kalimantan.

PT Mertani installed Automatic Rainfall Recorders (ARR) at six different locations in oil palm plantations in East Kalimantan. These locations include Kaubun, Berau, Muara Ancalong, Muara Kaman, Muara Bengkal, and Paser.

The purpose of installing ARR devices is to enhance automatic climate monitoring at various points in oil palm plantations. This is expected to assist in making more accurate and efficient operational decisions, as well as increasing productivity and income from the plantations.

Technology: Automatic Rainfall Recorder


Brochure Product

Brosur Mertani_Automatic Rain Recorder (ARR)/ Automatic Rainfall Station (ARS)sebagai Solusi Digitalisasi Perkebunan di Indonesia


Automatic Rainfall Station
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