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Our Partners

Presenting Sustainable Solutions for an Advanced Future: Mertani, together with our partners, brings leading environmental technology solutions to create a more advanced future for the next generation.

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IoT Partners Solutions

With strong partnerships, Mertani, together with its partners, provides cutting-edge solutions to create a more advanced future for the generations to come.

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Mertani, as the official partner of Proteus Instruments in Indonesia, brings forward cutting-edge solutions for monitoring water quality across various sectors. We are ready to assist you in effectively and efficiently achieving your water quality monitoring goals.

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As the official distributor of Eko Instruments in Indonesia, Mertani presents comprehensive solutions for meteorological and PV evaluation industries. Our instruments provide accurate and reliable data.

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As the sole distributor of Gill Instruments in Indonesia, Mertani brings real-time and accurate weather IoT solutions for precise industrial decision-making.

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