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Automatic Water Level Recorder | Mertani
Automatic Water Level Recorder | Mertani

Automatic Water Level Recorder (AWLR)

Obtain real-time and accurate water level information with the support of reliable IoT technology, ensuring 24/7 zero downtime measurements.
Measurement type:
  • Ground Water Level (TMAT)
  • Canal Water Level (TMAS)
Plug & Play
Access Anytime
& Anywhere
Waterproof Enclosure
Waterproof Enclosure

What do you get?

Mertani Automatic Water level Recorder (AWLR) 

​Mertani Automatic Water Level Recorder (AWLR) will assist you in monitoring water levels, both groundwater levels (TMAT) and channel water levels (TMAS). For plantation stakeholders and policymakers responsible for maintaining peatlands, river basins, dams, and groundwater level monitoring, data collection can be simplified with automatic data acquisition.

Choose the type of AWLR device that suits your needs, from sensor types and accessories to additional advanced features like CCTV.


Automatic Water Level Recorder (AWLR)

Hardware Details
  • Ultra-Low Power MCU based on Cortex M4+

  • Input digital sensor RS485 (Modbus), I2C, RS232, Serial TTL, one wire. Under development: SDI12

  • Operates from 2.7 V up to 5.5V

  • Operational temperature 0°C to +85°C

  • Internal memory 16 MB

  • Extended industrial memory up to 256 MB

  • Weather-resistant 

  • GSM (2G, 3G, and 4G) 

  • WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

  • LoRa 920-923 MHz


Sensor Measurement
  • Hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly

  • The maximum range of 5 meter, 10 meter, & 20 meter.

  • Resolution 3 mm or 0.1%FS 

  • Accuracy 0.25%-0.5%FS

  • Blind zone 0.25~0.8m

  • Support 5MP 30fps, 4MP 30fps, and 1080P 60fps

  • Optical zoom 30x

  • Rotation 360°

  • 7x24 working hours

  • Additional solar panel 200 WP and 120 Ah Accu

  • Internal battery 10.000 mAh

  • Solar panel 20 WP

  • External power supply DC 4.1 V

Automatic Water Level Recorder plus CCTV

Water Level Sensor Type

AWLR Ultrasonic Basic

Automatic Water Level Ultrasonic Basic


  • Resolution of 1-mm

  • Firmware filtering for excellent noise tolerance and clutter rejection

  • 6Hz read rate42kHz ultrasonic sensor measures distance to objects

  • Virtually no sensor dead zone, objects closer than 50cm
    typically range as 50cm

  • Operates from 2.7-5.5V

  • Low 2.9mA average current requirement

  • Operational temperature -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)

  • Weather resistant

  • Real-time automatic calibration (voltage, humidity, and ambient noise)

Rainfall Sensor Type

AWLR Submersible

Automatic Water Level Submersible


  • Bucket made in POM, which is a more dismissive material and therefore makes dust and dirt not stick so easily

  • The rain gauge made in molded thermoplastic, also known as ASA, which has high outdoor weather ability

  • Collecting area 200cm2 (φ159.60±0.6mm),

  • Resolution 0,2mm

  • Measuring range Rain intensity: 0~6mm/min;

  • Output mode RS485

  • Accessories: Standard pole bracket item, 2 m binder cable mounted on the sensor, bird spikes, leaf grid

Water Level Sensor Type

AWLR Ultrasonic Pro

Automatic Water Level Ultrasonic Pro


  • Material ABS UV Stabilished plastic bucket

  • Collecting Φ200+0.6mm,

  • Resolution 0,2mm

  • Measuring range Rain intensity: 0~4mm/min;

  • Maximum tolerance ±0.4mm(≤10mm);Accuracy ≤±4%

  • Operating temperature -10°C~50°C

  • Output mode RS485,

  • Include bull eye/ waterpass

  • Dimensions Rain sensor: 310x310x460(mm)

Rainfall Sensor Type

Radar Sensor

Automatic Water Level Radar Sensor


  • Material ceramic blade design,

  • Collecting area 200cm2 (φ159.60±0.6mm), Resolution 0.1mm

  • Measuring range Rain intensity: 0~4mm/min; rainfall: >0.1mm,

  • Maximum tolerance ±0.4mm(≤10mm); ±4%(>10mm)

  • Output mode RS485, power supply: 0.5W, 5~24VDC

  • Housing aluminum alloy, Dimensions Rain sensor: 185x185x320mm; bracket diameter: φ50mm

  • The observatorium is made of stainless steel plate, 60cm height, the diameter of the funnel is 11.3cm

  • The volume of the rain measuring glass is 25mm

Automatic Water Level Mertani_PUPR

Study Case

Flood Mitigation with Automatic Water Level Recorder in collaboration with the Pemali Juana River Basin Agency (BBWS), Semarang.

Erratic rainfall accompanied by continuous river sedimentation is one of the contributing factors to flooding in the Semarang and surrounding areas. The government, through the Pemali Juana River Basin Agency (BBWS), in collaboration with Mertani, has installed Automatic Water Level Recorders (AWLR) to monitor 12 critical points along the main river flow. Both the government and the local community can utilize this technology for real-time monitoring of river conditions at critical points, enabling early flood mitigation measures.

Technology: Automatic Water Level Recorder (AWLR) mode TMAS

Study Case

Implementation of Automatic Water Level Recorder for Groundwater Level Monitoring (TMAT) in Palm Oil Plantations 

Policies regarding groundwater levels (TMAT) in peatland areas require plantations to monitor and record levels every hour for 24 hours using measuring sticks. In practice, this activity faces various challenges, from natural factors (heavy rainfall, distant measurement locations, plantation tracks) to human error (lost or damaged records, misreadings). Therefore, the plantation requires the adoption of digital technology to enable real-time monitoring from the plantation office without the need for constant on-site visits.


Commodity: Palm Oil

Technology: Automatic Water Level Recorder (AWLR) TMAT mode

Automatic Water Level Recorder (AWLR) Mertani buatan Indonesia
Study Case

Brochure Product 

Brosur Mertani_Automatic Water Level Recorder sebagai Solusi Digitalisasi Perkebunan di Indonesia

Water Level

Automatic Water Level
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