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Monitoring the weather and climate around you is now easier and more efficient with technology AAWS (Automatic Agroclimate and Weather Station) .
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Waterproof Enclosure
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  • Climate change has become an issue that needs attention, as it has significant impacts and risks, especially on the sustainability of living beings and future generations. Therefore, continuous monitoring is necessary to enable mitigation efforts before it affects the surrounding environment.

  • By developing this program, BMKG can also adopt and integrate advanced technologies such as climate monitoring through sensors, big data analysis, and increasingly accurate and sophisticated weather prediction systems.

  • Data and information collected through the Agroclimate and Weather Station program can also be used for further research in the fields of meteorology, climatology, and agriculture. Additionally, this data can serve as a basis for the development of more effective policies in natural resource and environmental management.

Automatic Agroclimate and Weather Station

Programs AAWS

AAWS (Automatic Agroclimate and Weather Station) program has been developed by BMKG to automatically monitor weather and climate elements, with the aim of directing its utilization towards the agricultural sector. This automatic agroclimate observation equipment generates agroclimate data at the location and its vicinity, with its management being carried out in collaboration with other institutions from the agricultural sector.
Legal Basis:
  • Standar Operasional Prosedur (SOP) Nomor: SOP/26/KPNK/I/2019. see details

Schematic AAWS Mertani

Skematik Automatic Agroclimate and Weather Station - Mertani

Schematic AAWS Davis

Skematik Automatic Agroclimate and Weather Station - Mertani
Schematic AAWS BMKG
AAWS/EWS consists of several main parts : 

1.Data Collecting
The sensors on the AAWS device will measure various weather and agroclimate parameters. Data from these sensors will then be stored on a data logger.

2.Data Transmission to the Server
The data recorded on the data logger will be processed and formatted appropriately. Once processed, this data will be automatically transmitted to the server via an internet connection.

3.Data Analysis and Pro
On the server, the received data will undergo further processing to generate useful and comprehensible information for users. Weather and agroclimate data can be processed into graphs, tables, or other visual information that is easy to understand.

4.Data Presentation
Users can access this data through the provided dashboard. This dashboard can be accessed either via smartphones or PCs using the provided application or website. By accessing the AAWS dashboard, users can view real-time weather and agroclimate information. The presented data includes current weather conditions, daily weather patterns, and agroclimate trends over specific periods.
RTU Automatic Agroclimate and Weather Station - Mertani

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

  • Mertani data logger
  • Power unit 
  • Data Communication (2G, 4G, LTE)
  • Panel box
  • Wiring system
*RTU installation can be adjusted to field conditions

AAWS Sensors

  • Protocol communication RS485 Modbust
  • Air Temperature

  • Air Humidity

  • Air Pressure

  • Wind Speed

  • Wind Direction

  • Solar Radiation

  • Index UV

  • Evapotranspirasi

  • Soil Temperature

  • Soil Moisture

  • Leafwetnes

  • Rainfall

Sensor Udara - Mertani
Rainfall - Mertani
UV Sensor - Mertani
Sensor 5 in 1 - Mertani
Leafwetness - Mertani
Soil Sensor - Mertani
Dashboard Mertani.png

Software System

  • Sending data directly to the server according to AAWS program regulations
  • PC dashboard and Android application are available, as well as open API options for AAWS user companies.
Dashboard Mertani
Application Mertani (Android)

Spesification AAWS Mertani and Davis



Spesification Automatic Agroclimate and Weather Station Mertani


Spesification Automatic Agroclimate and Weather Station Davis
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