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Monitor your company's wastewater management and comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK). Allow us to assist you in implementing a Continuous and Networked Wastewater Quality Monitoring System (Sparing)
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Waterproof Enclosure
Waterproof Enclosure


  • Industry is currently facing challenges in managing its wastewater. Wastewater management is regulated by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) under the Continuous and Networked Wastewater Quality Monitoring System (Sparing) program.

  • Sparing program provides significant benefits to the industry, government, and the community in understanding the levels of wastewater pollution and taking preventive measures to reduce its impact.

  • By monitoring wastewater quality, this program can also help create a cleaner and healthier environment, ensure sustainable water resource usage, and protect aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity.


Programs Sparing

The Continuous and Networked Wastewater Quality Monitoring System, hereinafter referred to as "Sparing," is a system used to monitor, record, and report the measurement activities of a parameter and/or wastewater flow rate automatically, continuously, and in a networked manner.
Legal Basis:
  • Peraturan Menteri Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan Republik Indonesia Nomor P.93/MENLKHK/SETJEN/KUM.1/8/2018. see details

  • Peraturan Menteri Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan Republik Indonesia Nomor P.80/MENLKHK/SETJEN/KUM.1/10/2019. see details

Schematic Sparing

Skema Mertani_Sparing-KLHK_Water Quality Monitoring System
Schematic Sparing KLHK
Sparing consists of several main parts : 

Water sampling can be conducted using two methods: 1) by immersing the sensor directly into the water or 2) by pumping water samples and then reading them in a water tank. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages and can be adapted to field conditions. However, in the principle of water sampling, both methods are carried out in real-time or continuously.

2.Data Communication Technology
Sparing devices need to be connected to the internet, for example, using Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) technology. This technology is used as the communication medium between the data center (server) and the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) at the monitoring location.

3.Data Management Technology
Data obtained from sensor measurements are then transmitted to the server, processed, and presented in a more easily understandable format, both for the Government/KLHK and the Sparing user companies. The information system can use licensed Windows-based applications or open-source software applications.
Sparing | Mertani

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

  • Mertani data logger
  • Power unit 
  • Data Communication (2G, 4G, LTE)
  • Panel box
  • Wiring system
*RTU installation can be adjusted to field conditions

Sparing Multi-sensor

  • Multi-sensor
  • Protocol communication RS485 Modbust
  • It can be combined with a water pump for the water sampling and reading process or used by direct immersion (optional).
  • Water pH

  • Water COD

  • Water TSS

  • Water NH3-N

  • Water Debit

Proteus Sensor | Mertani
Dashboard Mertani.png

Software System

  • Sending data directly to the server according to Sparing program regulations
  • PC dashboard and Android application are available, as well as open API options for Sparing user companies

Brochure Product Sparing 

Sistem Pemantauan Kualitas Air Limbah Secara Terus Menerus dan Dalam Jaringan


Details Spesification Sparing
Sparing Petrokimia Hulu | Mertani

Petrokimia Hulu

Sparing untuk Industri Petrokimia Hulu
Sparing Pengolahan Minyak Bumi | Mertani

Minyak Bumi

Sparing untuk Industri Pengolahan Minyak Bumi
Sparing Tambang Batubara | Mertani

Tambang Batubara

Sparing untuk Pertambangan Batubara
Sparing Kawasan Industri | Mertani

Kawasan Industri

Sparing untuk Kawasan Industri
Sparing Rayon | Mertani

Industri Rayon

Sparing untuk Industri Rayon
Sparing Oleokimia Dasar | Mertani

Oleokimia Dasar

Sparing untuk Industri Oleokimia Dasar
Sparing Eksplorasi dan Produksi Migas | Mertani

Produksi Migas

Sparing untuk Eksplorasi dan Produksi Migas
Sparing Tekstil | Mertani

Industri Tekstil

Sparing untuk Industri Tekstil
Sparing Pulp and Paper | Mertani

Pulp & Paper

Sparing untuk Industri Pulp and Paper
Sparing Kelapa Sawit | Mertani

Kelapa Sawit

Sparing untuk Industri Kelapa Sawit
Sparing Tambang Emas dan Tembaga | Mertani

Emas & Tembaga

Sparing untuk Pertambangan Emas dan Tembaga
Sparing Tambang Nikel | Mertani

Tambang Nikel

Sparing untuk Pertambangan Nikel
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