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Mertani bermitra dengan Proteus Instruments

Proteus Instruments

Mertani, as the official partner of Proteus Instruments in Indonesia, brings forward cutting-edge solutions for monitoring water quality across various sectors. We are ready to assist you in effectively and efficiently achieving your water quality monitoring goals.

Water Quality Monitoring
Multi Parameters
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Who is Proteus Instruments?

Proteus Instruments is a sensor manufacturing company globally recognized for its product quality. Sensors made by Proteus Instruments are used in various critical applications, such as monitoring water quality to ensure that water sources remain clean and safe, wastewater treatment to maintain environmental health, and industrial control to improve operational efficiency and safety.

Mertani as the Official Distributor of Proteus Instruments

Mertani, as the official distributor of Proteus Instruments in Indonesia, presents real-time and efficient water quality monitoring solutions. We provide various high-quality sensors to monitor various water parameters, ensuring easy access and full support for your needs. Partnering with Proteus Instruments enables us to offer cutting-edge IoT solutions for various industries in Indonesia.

Proteus Sensor



  • Dissolved Oxygen

  • Pressure

  • Chloride

  • pH

  • Temperature

  • Optical Brighteners

  • Nitrate

  • CDOM


  • Coliforms

  • Tryptophan

  • Refined Oils

  • Ammonium

  • EC / Salinity / TDS

  • Turbidity

  • Crude Oils


Wastewater Treatment

Proteus sensors can be implemented in wastewater treatment systems to monitor various parameters in real-time, such as Water pH, Water COD, Water TSS, Water NH3-N, and Water Flow. The data collected by these sensors can be used to control the wastewater treatment process automatically and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Sparing 

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Water Resource Management

Government and environmental organizations can utilize Proteus sensors for long-term monitoring of water resource quality. This aids in making informed decisions regarding water management, as well as enabling the protection and preservation of vital aquatic ecosystems for both human life and the environment. Onliomo


Monitoring of Clean Water Quality

The sensors offered by Proteus Instruments can also be used to measure the quality of drinking water. By monitoring turbidity and dissolved oxygen levels in real-time, water providers can ensure that drinking water remains safe and meets established quality standards.

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