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Eko Instruments

Mertani, as the official distributor of Eko Instruments in Indonesia, presents comprehensive solutions for your meteorological and PV evaluation needs. We offer a wide range of instruments designed to provide accurate and reliable data.

Weather Sensor
Solar PV Monitoring
Waterproof Enclosure
Waterproof Enclosure
Weather Station
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Who is Eko Instruments?

Eko Instruments is a leading company in designing and manufacturing high-quality meteorological and PhotoVoltaic (PV) evaluation instruments. Established with a strong commitment to precision and innovation, Eko Instruments has been globally recognized as a trusted partner for scientists, researchers, and professionals in various fields. Eko Instruments' products are widely used to monitor various weather parameters and evaluate the performance of solar panels, making it an ideal solution for meteorological, renewable energy, and various other industries.

Mertani as the Official Distributor of Eko Instruments

Mertani, as the official distributor of Eko Instruments in Indonesia, proudly presents a range of high-precision solar radiation measurement tools to our partners in the country. These sophisticated instruments, carefully designed to meet the needs of various industries, provide accurate data that is crucial for making informed decisions.
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Eko Instruments Products


  • Pyranometers (ISO class)

  • Pyranometers (MS-80 series)

  • Smart pyranometers

  • New Smart sensor’s user interface 

  • Pyranometer with dome heater: MS-80SH 

  • Ventilation unit for pyranometers: MV-01

  • Pyrheliometer (ISO class): MS-57

  • Spectroradiometer

  • Sun Tracker

  • PV Evaluation Instruments

  • Traceability


Solar Power Plants (SPP)

Eko Instruments provides essential tools in every stage of the development and operation of solar power plants. Pyranometers and pyrheliometers are utilized to measure solar radiation intensity at various locations, assisting engineers and project developers in selecting the optimal sites for solar power plant construction.


Scientific Research

Eko Instruments' products such as pyranometers and pyrheliometers are utilized to measure solar radiation reaching the Earth's surface. This radiation data is crucial for understanding how solar energy interacts with the atmosphere and Earth's surface, which are key factors in climate modeling.

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