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Automatic Water Level Recorder | Mertani

Sumur Pantau

We provide high-quality water level monitoring devices tailored to the needs of the Water Conservation Agency (BKAT), with proven quality and compliance with applicable standards.
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  • The government has provided clear guidance on the importance of constructing groundwater monitoring wells as part of a strategy for sustainable water resource management. This step is necessary to address the challenge of increasing demand for clean water. With the presence of monitoring wells, the government can effectively monitor the availability, quality, and sustainability of groundwater.

  • Rapid developments in the Jabodetabek area, especially in the construction sector, have triggered a drastic increase in the demand for clean water. However, the supply of clean water from the PAM (Public Water Utility) is still insufficient. This has the potential to adversely affect the overall quality and quantity of groundwater. The Water Conservation Agency (BKAT) has taken steps to monitor the quality and quantity of groundwater in the Jakarta Groundwater Basin. The construction of Telemetric Monitoring Wells serves as a solution to monitor groundwater conditions in real-time.

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Programs Sumur Pantau

A groundwater monitoring well equipped with a Non-Contacting Water Level Monitoring System is a valuable device in water resource management. Through this device, we can accurately observe groundwater levels and flow conditions without the need for physical contact, as well as obtain samples to assess groundwater quality. Not only that, but this device also aids us in evaluating the hydraulic properties of aquifers. With the information obtained, we can make more precise and effective decisions in groundwater management for environmental sustainability and human needs.

Legal Basis:​

  • Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 43 of 2008 concerning Groundwater see details

  • Presidential Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 37 of 2023 concerning National Policies on Water Resources  see details


Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

  • Mertani data logger
  • Power unit 
  • Data Communication (2G, 4G, LTE)
  • Panel box
  • Wiring system
*RTU installation can be adjusted to field conditions
solar panel1.png

Sumur Pantau Sensor


  • Protocol communication RS485 Modbust


  • Tinggi Muka Air Tanah (TMAT)

  • Tinggi Muka Air Sungai (TMAS)

Dashboard Mertani.png

Software System

  • Sending data directly to the server according to Monitoring well program regulations
  • PC dashboard and Android application are available, as well as open API options for Monitoring well user companies
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