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The minimalist and compact device, equipped with an LCD touchscreen, Sipora provides ease in the data monitoring process.

Get the flexibility of hybrid monitoring, both online-remote via the application and offline-on-site, as well as expandable power storage capacity!
Hybrid Monitoring
Multi-Power Sourcing


The IoT product developed by Mertani to address the challenges of industrial digitalization, especially those requiring flexibility in both on-site and remote monitoring via an application, as well as expandable power capacity. Key features of Sipora:

  • Hybrid Monitoring

  • Multi Power Sourcing

  • Multi-Sensor Port

  • Multi-Connectivity Option

  • Plug & Play

  • Weather Resistant Enclosure for Outdoor Use

  • After Sales Support dari Dalam Negeri

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Key Features:

Hybrid Monitoring System

You and your team can access the data stored on Sipora through two methods, namely:

Via LCD Touchscreen

Sipora is equipped with a color LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 320x240. From this LCD, you can easily view the measurement results of various sensors, battery status, and field signal conditions.

  • The LCD touchscreen features a resolution of 320x240 and measures 3.5 inches.

  • It is industrial-grade, ensuring durability and reliability.

  • The display is color and user-friendly.

  • Supports on-site monitoring and signal mode setting (2G/4G).

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Via Aplikasi Mertani

You can access information through the Mertani dashboard via both PC and mobile apps from anywhere and anytime. The features offered include:

  • Realtime monitoring

  • Sensor, device, and user level management

  • Notification

  • Data analytics

Multi-Power Sourcing

You and your team can combine reliability and the excellence of Multi-Power Sourcing, thus delivering high performance with various alternative power sources.

  • Upgradeable Power Sourcing:

Equipped with a 3.7 Volt battery with a capacity of 6,000mAh, Sipora is integrated with a solar panel and can be using an additional battery

  • Multi Technology:

The design leverages several technologies starting from the battery. solar charge controller, dan Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for automatic adjustment to input resources, ensuring optimal power usage.

  • Sleek and Advanced Design:

The design is intended for industries that require highly reliable portable power sources.

  • Reliable Power Solution:

Sipora provides stable and efficient power availability, making it a solution for applications that require effective power management.

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​​Multi-Sensor, Multi-Connectivity

Sipora provides users with various flexibilities, from the ability to connect with different types of sensors (Multi-Sensor) to the option to use connections according to field conditions (Multi-Connectivity).

The device can connect with more than 10 sensors of thousands of industrial-grade sensor types. These include sensors with protocols such as RS485 (Modbus), digital pulse, I2C, RS232, Serial TTL, and one-wire communication (under development: SDI12, analog 4-20mA).

For device connectivity options, you can choose one from the following options according to your needs:

  • 2G and 4G GSM networks

  • 2.4 GHz WiFi for data transmission when not using GSM (WPA2 personal)

  • LoRa 920-923 MHz for data transmission where signal is not available (optional)

  • Bluetooth for device setup or onsite data transfer

Plug & Play

We design our IoT product to be user-friendly for you.

  • You don't need to do any coding/programming.

  • No need for specialized technicians to install or maintain.

  • It's already industrial and outdoor-grade, so you don't need to add any special protections.


Weather Resistant

We design our IoT product to be user-friendly for you.

  • You don't need to do any coding/programming.

  • No need for specialized technicians for installation or maintenance.

  • It's already industrial and outdoor-grade, so there's no need to add special protection.

Afer Sales Support

After Sales Support

Our team is based in Indonesia, and we are ready to assist you from the concept creation process to after-sales support.

  • Warranty

  • Spare parts availability guarantee

  • Technical maintenance support

  • Ease of technology updates and upgrades

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