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The new game-changing rule.
Interoperability, ease of use and sustainability, all in One solution.

The best device for Water Management in industrial, Agriculture or Smart Cities environments, you can rely on One to manage your golf course, your drinking water system at your city, or to increase your crop yield in an easy way.
One is the result of an in-depth analysis and a careful R&D continuous effort by the Mertani team.

Karimata, the best Control Box in industrial, Agriculture or Smart Cities environments
IoT technology is an ally of people in their quest for the highest possible quality of life. Take care of the environment around us. We deserve a technology that cares. Mertani has been designed for continuous monitoring of a huge range of parameters covering the most relevant IoT applications.
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Technology that cares

We want to guarantee food security, protect the ecosystems and ensure sustainable use of water. But we can only make the best decisions if we base them on the best data.

Mertani has paid attention to these defying challenges to assure agrifood security, protect ecosystems and ensure sustainable water use.

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Key points:


Easy to use


A complete solution

Fully Certified

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As we are in an interconnected and globalized world, the technology we use must allow us to communicate more easily and quickly. For that reason, different software computer systems are linked up with one another making possible automated data sharing.

With so many complex networks, interoperability is the key factor to bear in mind in this new era of datacratization (taking action based on data).

  • Data integrity: non-hackable sensors.

  • Compatible with blockchain: some of our partners have applied this technology in their projects.

  • Probe auto-detection: connecting any probe* to any one device.

  • Configurable 4G wireless connectivity.

  • Global SIM provided*.

  • Maximum accuracy.

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Easy to use

With a simple configuration you can manage the data in real-time from Libelium Cloud:

  • No programming is needed = no code.

  • Cloud-based node configuration.

  • Easy installation, no need for qualified technicians.

  • Any integrated sensor* can be connected to any socket for maximum configuration flexibility.

  •  Node firmware remote update (OTAP).

  • Plug and Play device ready to be installed in the field.

A complete solution: Hardware + Software

You have never experienced the ease of use of a device like One. From the very first moment you start it up, you will see that it is compatible with a multitude of sensors, connecting in a simple “plug & play” manner.

In addition, our One device automatically sends data to the Libelium cloud, allowing for efficient analysis of data in real-time. Avoid costly integrations by using the future IoT standard. Zero hassle. One solution.

The organizations can take advantage of these benefits:

  • Increased productivity: The time required to process data is reduced and organizational efficiencies increase.

  • Reduced costs: Fewer resources or additional maintenance is required.

  • Reduced errors: Information systems that operate in isolation are more likely to hold redundant information.

  • Better data protection.

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