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Instalasi pengolahan air limbah (IPAL)

Get the best solution for waste management at your location! We provide state-of-the-art Wastewater Treatment Plant systems that are efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.
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Waterproof Enclosure
Waterproof Enclosure


  • Governments often issue regulations that govern environmental management standards, including the use of WWTPs, which are essential for compliance and avoiding penalties or fines imposed by the government.

  • Human activities generate wastewater containing various pollutants, such as organic matter, heavy metals, and hazardous chemicals. Water pollution resulting from untreated wastewater can have adverse effects on human health, aquatic ecosystems, and groundwater quality.


Programs IPAL


Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) are structures designed to collect, treat, and clean wastewater before it is discharged back into the environment. Therefore, WWTPs play a crucial role in maintaining environmental cleanliness and health, as well as providing safe, clean water for reuse.


Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

  • Mertani data logger
  • Power unit 
  • Data Communication (2G, 4G, LTE)
  • Panel box
  • Wiring system
*RTU installation can be adjusted to field conditions
Online Monitoring - KLHK | Mertani
Proteus Sensor | Mertani

IPAL Sensor

  • Protocol communication RS485 Modbust
  • Water pH

  • Water COD

  • Water TSS

  • ORP (Potensi Reduksi-Oksidasi)

  • Temperatur

  • Conductivity (Daya Hantar Listrik)

  • BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)

  • DO (Oksigen Terlarut)

  • TDS (Total Padatan Terlarut)

  • Turbidity (Kekeruhan)

  • Ammonium

  • Tinggi Air

  • Nitrat

Coming Soon
Dashboard Mertani.png

Software System

  • Sending data directly to the server according to IPAL program regulations
  • PC dashboard and Android application are available, as well as open API options for IPAL user companies
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